Scores for the City

Reviewed by Gina Russo




“the future is not foreclosed.”


Within the sprawling infrastructure of LA, an imaginative group of locals known as the Llano Del Rio Collective have been producing hybrid map-guides aiming to expand a consciousness of place guided in spirit by the their namesakes: Llano del Rio, a sabotaged socialist experiment in utopia founded in Antelope Valley in 1915.


Scores for the City (thematic guide #2 of 3) couples local history with the subtleties of radical behavior and possibilities for  burgeoning consciousness. Important, socially-historic events are featured on the page along with short, though exploratory, segments about social craft. Among the topics covered are witches among the tar pits, the 1992 LA riots, freeway puppet performance, repeatedly giving the finger to a dead president.


Favorite selections (not previously mentioned): “A View of the City From the Cycle Seat” by Jonah A. Schwartz accounts a charming tale of city exploration by bicycle; the subtle bodies series, organized by Adam Overton, conducts subtle movement experiments in the public realm, and encourages proposals ad infinitum. Contributors to this issue include Sandra de la Loza, Adam Overton, Nancy Popp, Jonah A. Schwartz, and Julia Wallace.

Whilst framing alternative happenings and ongoing artistic process, the Llano del Rio Collective celebrates direct experience and acts of discovery.


Llano del Rio Collectove, Scores for the City, Social Choreography and Imagination for Southern California, (Self-published, available through Half Letter Press, 2011)
Images: Cover and interior of Scores for the City