Maya Fuhr

Reviewed by Lunakhods
Since first picking up a 35-mm camera in high school in her hometown of Victoria, British Columbia, photographer Maya Fuhr, now based in Toronto, Ontario, has produced lush, soft-hued images with an engaging and elusive quality. Her self-published book of photographs, made by Montreal’s Anteism, is a distillation of her aesthetic, which combines girly pastels and strong feminine expression in equal measure. The book is minimalist in its design, with one full-colour photograph laid out on each of its 13 white-page spreads. Fuhr’s curated selection of documentary photographs is pulled from a variety of favourite fashion, portrait and editorial shoots, taken recently in various locations, including Toronto, Montreal and Hawaii. The moments captured feel raw and real, sweet like spun sugar but with a grittiness that keeps them from being syrupy and sentimental. The work manages not to take itself too seriously and maintains a curious, unique sense of humour. Fuhr’s gaze finds itself fixed on found objects and ubiquitous locations that vibrate in tune with each other, creating images that resonate with emotion. Her work promotes openness toward details that otherwise go unnoticed in our daily lives, and the book’s curation allows the reader to draw comparisons that are often tender and delicate. By closely observing the slices of time she occupies, Fuhr creates images full of warmth and honesty. I was mesmerized by the glinting colour fields and seduced by a detached yet intimate sensuality.
Maya Fuhr. Fuhr, 2015
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