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Available Light

- the Art Book Review

Reviewed by Jaye Fishel      “If light is images, and shadows are blocking light, in some sense shadows are really blocking images and that does lead to some nice surprises.” Bob Miller, Light Walk – Exploratorium, 1982     Come in through the dark. Imagine if we could remember being born: the immediate shock of light. This question is even borderline too trite for me to ponder. But that an image from a book can evoke this question with enough evocation of pure curiosity, it must be a wonder.   Available Light offers images of images of the world…


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The Art Book Review is: a compendium of reviews about books vaguely relating to the subject of art (artist books and ephemera, catalogs, monographs, art history, and book-length works of art criticism or general literature about art, etc… etc…) a person (or persons) who casually harasses writers to get them to occasionally turn in written reviews of art books a constellation of collaborators from many places coming together a special service coupling covetous writers with willing publishers ___________________________________________________________________________________ Founders: Andrew Berardini and Sarah Williams Managing Editor: Meg Whiteford Editors: Andrew Berardini & Jaye Fishel Design Consultant: Ania Diakoff


  KAREN ADELMAN is an artist, writer, and vocalist from New York. She received her MFA from USC in 2012 and currently lives in Los Angeles, where she is writing a science fiction novel about a future oppressed by interminable noise (and simultaneously adapting it as an opera). She also writes on art, media, and culture, and records songs under the name Kajren Adielman.   LISA ANNE AUERBACH is an artist and calls Los Angeles home.   KATIE BACHLER lives out in the desert where she is learning about how to create home in a vast place. She teaches desert kids…