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Kazuo Shinohara: Complete Works in Original Publications

Reviewed by Jon Leon     Post-war Japanese architect Kazuo Shinohara (1925-2006) has proven to be a great interpreter of his own work. Known as much for his architectural theory and as an educator at the Tokyo Institute of Technology (where he gave birth to the “Shinohara School”) as he is known for his houses, Shinohara’s work is often described by himself and other critics as being “phasic.”   The present volume notes a continuum of four distinct styles, each one building on its predecessor while adding to the architect’s mythic reputation. In the numerous, rigorously controlled texts that accompany…


Doug Aitken: 100 Years

  Reviewed by Adam Bell   He moves through the fluorescent glow of the night, a young man in harmony with the electric rhythms of the city.   His cinematic language radiates something abstract because it does not exist to serve as the narrative.   He is a half dreamer, half traveler, and his journeys—both real and imagined—circumscribe the territory of a new cinematic world in which space and time are fragmented, foreshortened, and warped.   His view of landscape in the plural is constantly mutating.   At some points he seems set free by this energy, at others a…



Reviewed by Gilda Davidian      “Amon Yariv’s photographic works, despite their differentiation from the world, resonate a mode of action basic to any act of photography in the world, even of the most common kind; symmetrical, frozen, neatly positioned and staged, their presence before us dramatizes and heightens times and situations that would not have existed or been remembered had they not been intended to be photographed.”   The catalogue to Harpoon, a series of photographs by Amon Yariv from 2011, opens with an essay by Sarit Shapira titled In Photography’s Cells. The essay is followed by a list…